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The only salt inhaler with controlled emission of aerosols for the treatment of respiratory diseases.
Allergic Rhinitis is caused by an inflammation of the mucosa that coats the nasal fossa, and can be provoked by a virus or caused by an allergic reaction.
The main symptoms of rhinitis caused by viral infection are sneezing, sensation of 'heavy' nose or an abundant nasal secretion due to bacterial infection, which may become viscous.

In a case of allergic rhinitis, the most common manifestations are: repeated sneezing (mainly in the morning) and abundant nasal secretions, which often appear only minutes after being exposed to the allergen.
The nasal secretions which travel to the posterior neck walls can develop into an itching sensation or provoke an irritating, chronic cough. Abundant tearing can also occur.
Added to the treatment recommended by the medical practitioner, the SaltMed saline inhaler may ensure the following through the controlled emission of dry, saline particles:

- Feeling of relief during breathing, through the decrease of inflammation, at the sinus and nasal fossa level
- Efficient drainage of nasal secretions through the fluidisation of mucus;
- Improvement of local defense mechanisms
- Efficient elimination of allergens that provoke allergic episodes, through the improved drainage of nasal secretions
- Reduction in the number of acute episodes and anti-allergic drug dependence

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