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The only salt inhaler with controlled emission of aerosols for the treatment of respiratory diseases.
Sinusitis is an inflammation caused by an infection of the mucus membrane coating the nasal fossa and sinuses. The sinuses are empty cavities located in the eyes, cheeks and nose. Free drainage of fluid is blocked, creating pressure in the sinuses resulting in pain.

There are two types of Sinusitis: acute (sudden start, generally caused by a virus) and chronic (long term, caused by bacterial or fungal infection). Reoccurring Acute Sinusitis increases the risk of developing Chronic Sinusitis a situation in which the symptoms never disappear completely.

The manifestations of Sinusitis depend upon which sinus is affected but in general are:

- Feeling of 'stuffy' nose
- Heavy secretions
- Facial pain and pressure aggravated by movement
- Headache
- Productive, mucus cough
- Fever (occasionally)
Added to the treatment recommended by the medical practitioner, the SaltMed saline inhaler may ensure the following through its controlled emission of dry, saline particles:

- Clearing of the nasal passages by decreasing local inflammation
- Efficient drainage of nasal secretions through the fluidisation of mucus
- Improved local defense mechanisms to combat infection
- Decreased quantity of acute episodes and a decreased risk of Chronic Sinusitis development
SaltMed is a safe and efficient therapy and easy to use.
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