The only salt inhaler with controlled emission of aerosols for the treatment of respiratory diseases.
Coughingis a way of eliminating the secretions bacteria containing secretions and other toxic substances that enter the inferior respiratory level. A cough may present in numerous respiratory conditions. It may be dry (through an irritation mechanism) or productive (eliminating quantities of mucus). Sometimes a cough can persist for a long time after a respiratory condition has healed, especially in cold weather or in the young, etc. The most important provoking factors of coughing are:
- Post-nasal leakage: due to excess production of mucus that flows from the back of the nose towards the throat. This may be caused by allergy, inflammation or other factors
- Excess production of mucus at the bronchial level
- Environmental irritants (e.g. cigarette smoke, pollutants, dust, cold or dry air)
- Asthma, due to inflammation and contraction of the airways
Added to the treatment recommended by the medical practitioner, the SaltMed saline inhaler may ensure the following through its controlled emission of dry, saline particles:

- Immediate improvement of the cough, due to a reduction of inflammation at a lower airway level
- Increase elimination of bronchial secretions (more productive cough) due to an increase in the fluidisation of the tracheobronchial secretions.
- More rapid healing and the prevention of recurrent infections (acute, respiratory infections) and an improvement in local defense mechanisms due to SaltMed's antibacterial effect (bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects)
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