Children - Laryngitis
The only salt inhaler with controlled emission of aerosols for the treatment of respiratory diseases.
Laryngitis is an inflammation of the larynx. It causes hoarse voice or even a temporary complete loss of the voice due to irritation of the vocal cords. Laryngitis can be infectious as well as non-infectious in origin. The most common causes are:

- bacterial or viral infection (such as flu or cold)
- Inflammation due to overuse of the vocal cords
- Excessive coughing, smoking, alcohol consumption, allergies, thermal or chemical burns, etc

Laryngitis symptoms include: hoarseness, dry or sore throat, burning throat or inability to speak
Laryngitis is categorised as acute if it lasts less than three weeks and as chronic when it lasts over three weeks.
SaltMed saline inhaler may ensure the following due to its controlled emission of dry, saline particles:

- Rapid amelioration of the symptoms: reduced or eliminated hoarseness, reduction of localised pain due reduced inflammation, and a return of a normal voice
- Prevention of recurrent laryngitis episodes in an exposed population (singers, people working in polluted environments, etc) due to the long term anti-inflammatory effects and an increase in local defense mechanisms against infections.

SaltMed is a safe and efficient therapy and easy to use, even for very small children.
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