Children - Otitis
The only salt inhaler with controlled emission of aerosols for the treatment of respiratory diseases.
Otitis is an inflammation of the middle ear usually caused by infection. When a cold produces inflammation the Eustachian tube (which connects the middle ear to the throat) becomes blocked prohibiting the natural drainage of fluid to the throat. Bacteria and viruses can grow in the secretions which now accumulate in the middle ear and this may lead to an ear infection.

Otitis media frequently appears after Catarrh and can create intense ear pain which can be upsetting and lead to mood swings, irritability or sleep disorders. Fever may also result.
SaltMed is the only saline inhalator that emits a constant, controlled, highly concentrated emission of dry saline aerosols. Dry, optimally sized salt particles that prove to be highly effective in reaching hard to access pathways such as the middle ear. Use of SaltMed ensures

- Rapid amelioration of pain and reduced inflammation due to an improved efficiency of drainage leading to an accelerated rate of healing
- Prevention of Otitis reoccurrence (a common problem in children) due to the fluidisation of secretions and the arrested development of micro-organisms (i.e. SaltMed's bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect)
- Improvement of the local defense mechanisms and the long term resistance to respiratory infections

SaltMed is a safe and efficient therapy and easy to use, even for very small children.
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