The only salt inhaler with controlled emission
of dry salt aerosols for the treatment
of respiratory disorders.
High efficacy
in the treatment of respiratory disease including cold and flu prevention and treatment
Fast acting:
One hour use per day has a similar
therapeutic effect to one day in a natural salt mine
Easy to use
even for small children
Natural treatment
with no reported side effects
The saline inhalation device SaltMed (Fig. 1) includes the salt cartridge 'A', a mask 'B', air pump 'C' and tube 'D' packed in a fabric bag. The air pump is connected to the cartridge with the PVC flexible tube.
Administration: SaltMed is recommended for daily use, (up to three sessions of 30 minutes or more duration), depending on the severity of the disease and the advice of the physician.
Instructions for use:
- remove the salt cartridge from its storage container (E). The container includes in its lower section silica-gel, a drying agent to absorb humidity. Retain the storage container as the SaltMed cartridge should be stored only in this container when not in use to preserve its efficacy.
- connect the lower part of the cartridge with the tube 'D' coming from air pump 'C'
- connect the upper part of the cartridge 'A' with the mask 'B'
- place the mask on the face and breathe normally for about 30 minutes.
Attention! Keep the cartridge in a vertical position throughout use to ensure a consistent air flow through the salt layer which generates the saline aerosols.
-at the end of treatment detach the filter cartridge and place it back into the storage container. Wipe the mask with cotton and disinfect it with alcohol (ethyl alcohol, max. 70%). It is recommended to periodically wash the mask with warm soapy water and to thoroughly rinse it with clean water. Place all of the components back into the fabric bag for protection and keep the bag in a dry place.
Attention! After each use it is advisable to place the cartridge in its preservation container and seal it well to keep the salt dry. If the air humidity exceeds 60% due to inadequate cartridge storage, blockage of the salt layer will occur and lead to a loss in therapeutic effect. It is not recommended to use the device in excessively humid areas, in areas with a lot of dust or with oily aerosols because the cartridge life will be reduced.
Cartridge replacement
The cartridge should be replaced within three months of the first use. Use original SaltMed cartridges only.
Warnings and precautions for use:
- SaltMed is a complementary therapy and does not replace conventional treatment. Do not interrupt or modify the current treatments protocols recommended by a physician.
- SaltMed is intended to be used by an individual person. We recommend that you personalise your cartridge by filling in your details on the container label.
- Inhalatorul se utilizeaza de catre o singura persoana. Personalizati inhalatorul dumneavoastra completand eticheta recipientului in spatiul destinat utilizatorului.
- Hydrate yourself properly
Interactions with other medicinal products:
SaltMed may be used together with any other medications.
Side effects
In isolated cases (e.g. patients lacking vitamin A, E and /or with insufficient hydration) dryness of the pharynx may occur. Administration of Vitamin A, E and normalising the hydration will eliminate this effect.
Contraindications: none reported
User Manual

SaltMed is available without prescription.
Please read carefully User Manual before use.

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