The only salt inhaler with controlled emission of aerosols for the treatment of respiratory diseases.
INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY : SaltMed Inhaler uses an exclusive technique to produce dry saline aerosols with an ideal therapeutic size.

Dry salt aerosols are produced through an innovative mechanical erosion process
based on the forced passing of air through a complex structured dry salt cartridge:
-The air delivered by the air pump passes through a microcrystalline salt layer in the cartridge creating a 'boiling like' movement - Aerul sub presiune erodeaza micro-cristalele de sare generand micro-particule saline.
- In the upper layer air is filtered through extruded salt, ionized and additionally enriched with therapeutic size salt particles.
More than 90% of emitted dry salt particles are sized between 1-5 microns, the ideal size for creating a therapeutic respiratory effects.
Particles with size range of 1 - 5 microns have the ability to pass into the deepest levels of the respiratory tract and into less accessible spaces such as sinuses or pulmonary alveoli. Particles less than 1 micron remain suspended and are exhaled from the respiratory tract and particles larger than 5 - 6 microns are deposited in the nose or throat and cannot penetrate the lower tissues of the respiratory tract.
The face mask allows controlled use of the device in the treatment of respiratory diseases.
  Fast acting: One hour of use per day has a similar therapeutic effects as a whole day in a natural salt mine

- A unique dry salt aerosol technology with a constant and controlled production of therapeutically active particles - more than 90% of the particles range between 1 - 5 microns
- High active aerosol concentration
- Controlled inhalation through the mask

  Natural treatment, no side effects**

Treatment with SaltMed has no reported contraindications
SaltMed provides a complementary therapy which can be used together with conventional medical treatments, including drug therapy
**In isolated cases (e.g. patients lacking vitamin A, E and /or with insufficient hydration) dryness of the pharynx may occur. Administration of Vitamin A, E and normalising the hydration will eliminate this effect.

  Can be used by small children

  Easy to transport and store

SaltMed offers a complimentary drug-free therapy in a variety of acute and chronic respiratory diseases of differing infectious or allergic etiology:
-upper respiratory tract diseases: allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis, tonsillitis, etc.
-lower respiratory tract diseases: bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, etc.
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