SaltMed - Inhalator salin cu emisie controlata de aerosoli


Asthma symptoms are caused by an obstruction that occurs in the small airways. This obstruction is caused by bronchoconstriction and inflammatory edema of the airway mucosa. In about 80% of cases, asthma is caused by bronchial hyperreactivity that occurs on contact with certain allergens.


  • Between asthma attacks: difficult breathing, especially irritating cough, rapid fatigue during physical effort, sleep disorders.
  • During the asthma attack: suffocation, prolonged exhalation and wheezing, sensation chest pressure, annoying cough accompanied by the elimination of small amounts of viscous sputum (phlegm) at the end of the crisis.

SaltMed saline inhaler - natural treatment for asthma

The therapy with salt microparticles with controlled characteristics works in the case of asthma patients as follows:

  • Once on the inflamed and edematous respiratory mucosa, salt absorbs water through a simple osmotic process. Water absorption has the effect of decreasing the edema and thereby increasing the diameter of the airway lumen.
  • Studies also show that, after salt treatment, sensitivity to allergens decreases and local immunity to viral and bacterial infections increases.

Benefits of using SaltMed inhaler in asthma patients:

  1. Decreases edema. The patient breathes easier and sleeps better, wakes up better rested.
  2. Using the SaltMed saline inhaler for a longer period of time, the sensitivity to allergens is reduced and the shortness of breath no longer occurs.
  3. Prevents acute respiratory infections that promote asthma attacks


Studies have shown that SaltMed therapy does not have a risk of bronchoconstriction for patients with asthma, a risk that is present in case of nebulization of hypertonic saline.

There is no risk of overdose with SaltMed therapy and no interactions with other drugs. SaltMed asthma therapy performed as an adjunct to the doctor's prescribed therapy.

SaltMed can be used safely by patients on a salt-restricted diet because salt is not absorbed into the bloodstream from the lungs.

How to use SaltMed in asthma patients

In the first month, the daily duration of treatment should be longer - about 2 hours a day (not less than an hour and a half) - to allow salt to take up water from the inflamed mucosa and reduce mucosal edema. We recommend that, in this first stage, the N-type SaltMed cartridge be used.
After the first month of treatment, the daily duration of therapy can be reduced to one hour per day; SaltMed cartridge type N or L is recommended.
SaltMed therapy should be done throughout the cold season when the risk of asthma attacks is higher. It is very important that the therapy be continued even when the patient is feeling well in order to maintain the effect of desensitisation to allergens and, in this way, a better control of asthma.
Using SaltMed dry salt inhaler does not consume your time! You can use it while watching TV, reading a book or working on a computer or tablet.

SaltMed - Tratament natural pentru Astm


Dr. Catalin Carstoveanu

In the case of patients with cortisone inhaler treatment, systematic and concomitant administration of SaltMed has made it possible to reduce cortisone doses safely, and the way we have demonstrated this – we have measured the exalted fraction of nitric oxide in the exhaled air and noticed that it has a lower value, which is a very, very good thing. Typically, the values decreased by 2-4 ppm after administration of dried salt particles.

Daniela Marin

It is a therapy that I used successfully for my child a year ago when he was 4 years old, diagnosed with asthma after several hospital admissions with wheezing. Together with SaltMed every day and gentle treatments (without cortisone, adrenaline, Singulaire or antibiotic), we managed to stay away from these wheezing episodes. During the summer we even didn't have to use SaltMed. We started using it again in winter to protect him from the colds that appeared in the kindergarten.

Order your SaltMed salt dry inhaler now

SaltMed Inhaler type N

SaltMed Inhaler type N

The set contains an air pump, an adult and a pediatric aerosol mask and a SaltMed cartridge type N. The N-type cartridge is recommended for intensive use and can be used for up to 100 hours, but not more than 12 hours a day.
SaltMed Inhaler type L

SaltMed Inhaler type L

The set contains an air pump, an adult and a pediatric aerosol mask and a SaltMed cartridge type L. The L-type cartridge is recommended for home use and can be used for up to 60 hours, but not more than 90 minutes a day.
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