SaltMed - Inhalator salin cu emisie controlata de aerosoli

Technology and certifications

INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: SaltMed Dry Salt Inhaler using an unique process to produce dry saline aerosols, at optimal therapeutic size!

SaltMed is based on a technology developed by a Romanian inventor, awarded with Silver at International Exhibition of Inventions from Geneva in Nov 2002.

Saline aerosols are created by an innovative process based on the forced passage of air through a uniquely designed cartridge containing dry mine salt:

  1. The air from the pump passes through the monocrystalline salt layer from the bottom of the cartridge and it engage it in a visible bubbling movement.
  2. The air under pressure erodes themicrocrystals of salt generating saline microparticles.
  3. Then the air passes the upper coating granules undergoing a process of advanced filtering, changes of ionization and significantly enrichment in saline microparticles with therapeutically active dimensions.

More than 99% of the issued saline particles have dimensions of 0.3-5 microns, size proven to be responsible for the main beneficial effects of saline aerosols on the airways. Particles with these dimensions penetrate to the depths of the airways and deposit at all levels (in hard-to-reach cavities, such as sinuses and into the alveoli of the lungs), where they exert their beneficial effects. Particles with a diameter greater than 5-6 microns are deposited only at the upper levels of the airways (nostrils, oral cavity, pharynx).

Inhaling saline air with a mask allows controlled use in medical treatments of various respiratory conditions.

Find out how to use the saline inhaler SaltMed in chronic bronchitis (COPD), persistent cough, bronchiolitis (wheezing), sinusitis, hay fever, asthma, as well as preventing respiratory diseases!

Certifications and clinical trials

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SaltMed Inhaler type N

SaltMed Inhaler type N

The set contains an air pump, an adult and a pediatric aerosol mask and a SaltMed cartridge type N. The N-type cartridge is recommended for intensive use and can be used for up to 100 hours, but not more than 12 hours a day.
SaltMed Inhaler type L

SaltMed Inhaler type L

The set contains an air pump, an adult and a pediatric aerosol mask and a SaltMed cartridge type L. The L-type cartridge is recommended for home use and can be used for up to 60 hours, but not more than 90 minutes a day.
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