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COPD / Chronic bronchitis

COPD / Chronic bronchitis

COPD or chronic bronchitis is a condition characterized by pulmonary tract obstruction, leading to respiratory failure. The disease is much more common among smokers and people who breathe polluted air for long periods of time.

COPD causes

Respiratory obstruction occurs as a result of two factors:

  • Inflammation in the cells of the respiratory mucosa causes edema (swelling) of the mucosa. As a result of this edema, the diameter of the airways decreases and the air passage is obstructed.
  • Also due to inflammation, the amount of secretions from the airways increases. These secretions accumulate and block the airways that are already narrowed due to inflammation. Blockage of the airways with secretions prevents certain areas of the lung receiving air and therefore respiratory function is much more difficult.

Symptoms of COPD / Chronic bronchitis:

  • productive cough, especially in the morning, with abundant secretions
  • difficult breathing
  • shortness of breath
  • repeated respiratory infections

SaltMed - natural treatment for COPD / Chronic Bronchitis

Dry salt microparticles with controlled characteristics issued by SaltMed inhaler act as follows for patients with COPD:

  1. Once on the inflamed and edematous respiratory mucosa, salt absorbs water through a simple osmotic process. Water absorption has the effect of decreasing the edema and thereby increase the diameter of the airway lumen.
  2. The water absorbed from the edematous mucosa is transferred to the layer of mucus which is fluidified. As result, the secretions are more easily eliminated, leading to functional recovery of those lung territories blocked by secretions.
  3. Removing secretions from the airways makes nebulized medication (inhalers) much more effective. Nebulized medications have difficulty reaching those areas of the lungs blocked by secretions. Moreover, in areas that are not blocked, the medication is deposited on a bed of secretions instead of reaching the cells of the respiratory mucosa where should exert its effect.

Benefits of using SaltMed as a method of treatment in COPD / chronic bronchitis:

  • The patient breathes easier because the obstruction is reduced, the lung areas blocked by secretions open and the medication becomes more effective.
  • The patient coughs much less and the cough is not so tiring (Theye may cough a little more in the first week of use, because a larger amount of secretions are eliminated, but the cough is relatively effortless).
  • Increased capacity for effort, due to the improvement of breathing.
  • Improved the quality of sleep.

SaltMed therapy safety

SaltMed can be used safely by patients with heart and kidney problems as the salt is not absorbed into the blood from the lungs.

There is no risk of overdose with SaltMed therapy and there are no interactions with other drugs. SaltMed therapy is done adjuntive with the treatment prescribed by the doctor.

Emphysema patients won't see respiratory improvements, but can benefit from preventing respiratory infections that worsen the disease.

How to use SaltMed in patients with COPD / chronic bronchitis:

In the first month, the daily duration of treatment should be longer - about 3 hours a day (not less than two hours) - to allow the salt to infiltrate into the secretion blocks created in the airways and eliminate them. For this first stage, we recommend the use of SaltMed cartridge type N.
After the first month, if there are no more abundant secretions, the daily duration of treatment can be reduced to an hour and a half daily and SaltMed cartridge type N or L is recomended. COPD is a chronic disease and that why SaltMed treatment should be consistent ideally without interruptions (although a gap of 1-2 days can be accepted).
Using SaltMed does not consume your time. You can use it at home while watching TV, reading a book or working on a computer or tablet.

SaltMed - Tratament natural in BPOC / Bronsita cronica


Alexandra Oprisan

My father is 86 years old and has COPD and until recently had frequent exacerbations with fever. He has been using SaltMed for 8 months now and didn`t had any acute episodes. This gave him the confidence to continue using this device for daily maintenance therapy.

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SaltMed Inhaler type N

SaltMed Inhaler type N

The set contains an air pump, an adult and a pediatric aerosol mask and a SaltMed cartridge type N. The N-type cartridge is recommended for intensive use and can be used for up to 100 hours, but not more than 12 hours a day.
SaltMed Inhaler type L

SaltMed Inhaler type L

The set contains an air pump, an adult and a pediatric aerosol mask and a SaltMed cartridge type L. The L-type cartridge is recommended for home use and can be used for up to 60 hours, but not more than 90 minutes a day.
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