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Rolul inhalatorului salin SaltMed in preventie

Prevention of the respiratory problems

Cold weather accentuates the respiratory problems at any age, whether seasonal acute respiratory problems or the exacerbation of existing chronic conditions (asthma, chronic bronchitis / COPD, others).

Acute respiratory problems characteristic of the cold season include flu, cold, acute diseases of the ENT area (pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, otitis) or in the pulmonary area (tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia). There are multiple causes of the increase in respiratory diseases in the cold season:

  • general decrease in immunity
  • favored circulation and development of germs
  • cold weather and increased humidity
  • sudden changes in temperature
  • poorer diet in fresh fruits and vegetables

How can SaltMed therapy help you prevent respiratory diseases?

SaltMed, the only aerosol-controlled dry salt inhaler, has the following beneficial effects:

  • Decreases local inflammation and ensures effective elimination of nasal and tracheo-bronchial secretions; thus, secretions no longer stagnate in the respiratory tract and healing is favored.
  • Increases local defense capacity against infections.
  • Favourable bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects on the microflora of the respiratory tract. This means that harmful bacteria are destroyed or prevented from multiplying. In the whole process, beneficial bacteria are not affected!
  • Anti-inflammatory and allergen desensitizing effects.
  • Adjusts the immune system response (immunomodulatory effect)

SaltMed helps your body in the fight against viruses and bacteria

Independent studies by researchers have shown the following:

  • In the presence of the salt particles, viruses undergo structural changes, thus being inactivated.
  • In the presence of the salt particles, the body's natural mechanical action against viruses is activated.
    • At concentrations of 100mM, all types of viruses tested were inactivated.
    • Covid-19 and Coxsackie viruses were inactivated at lower concentrations of 30-50mM.
  • The presence of salt increases muco-ciliary clearance the airways, thus reducings the risk of infection with viruses and bacteria.

SaltMed prevents recurrence of respiratory problems

Respiratory conditions tend to recur, especially in children. Treatment of the acute phase lasts 7-10 days. However the respiratory mucosa requires a longer period of recovery - 4-6 weeks - during which time, the existing inflammation zones may become starting points for new infections. The use of SaltMed for these children and adults favors the restoration of the respiratory mucosa, preventing relapse. This beneficial effect occurs when therapy continues for 4-6 weeks after the disappearance of any respiratory symptom.

For prevention of symptoms, SaltMed should be used one hour a day, in one or two sessions. Type N or L cartridges may be used. SaltMed therapy uses only 100% natural substances (dry mine salt) without any artificial chemical additions. It is a therapy that has no contraindications and can be used by anyone, at any age.

Using SaltMed dry salt inhaler does not consume your time. You can use it at home, while watching TV, reading a book or working on your computer or tablet.

Inhalatorul SaltMed in preventia afectiunilor respiratorii


Bianca Isabella Chira

Very effective in respiratory viruses for children and adults!

Alina Anca

SaltMed helps in respiratory conditions. We've been using it successfully for two years. I strongly recommend this product.

Constan Tina

After using the saline inhaler, the baby stopped doing bronchiolitis, even when the colds were mild. Very efficient and easy to use!

Ionela Stancioi Adrian Belu

I highly recommend SaltMed! My baby and I have been using it for half a year and, in addition to not being ever sick since, my boy has actually healed from an extraordinarily strong cough, only with this device, without the need to be given medication.

Order your SaltMed salt dry inhaler now

SaltMed Inhaler type N

SaltMed Inhaler type N

The set contains an air pump, an adult and a pediatric aerosol mask and a SaltMed cartridge type N. The N-type cartridge is recommended for intensive use and can be used for up to 100 hours, but not more than 12 hours a day.
SaltMed Inhaler type L

SaltMed Inhaler type L

The set contains an air pump, an adult and a pediatric aerosol mask and a SaltMed cartridge type L. The L-type cartridge is recommended for home use and can be used for up to 60 hours, but not more than 90 minutes a day.
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